The Pandemics Keep on Coming:

Vytas Stoskus
2 min readSep 8, 2021

Violence is off the charts as booze washes away the brains

What can be expected? Violence is so pandemic in the movies, video games, and news stories that reality has mixed with fantasy & desensitization to violence has developed in easily influenced youth. Not the intellectuals nor the talented debaters nor the writers on the school papers are the heroes, but the heroes are the bullies out on the football field rubbing someone else into the dirt. What a repulsive sport, & destroying what is left of their brains after the schooljails have dumbed them down as best they could.

Mental health is so pandemic that drugs, alcohol, and other addictions are just a way of life now because people have no idea how else to deal with bullying, abuse, disappointment, or much of anything else. Schooljails and meaningless jobs just pile the stress on, but nobody teaches anyone how to cope and have a meaningful, creative, and joyful life.

The best movies are considered slow and boring because there is little action, only a lot of meaningful dialogue and relationship issues to work out. Those who most need those lessons about relationships and just the bare essentials of getting along, or just the bare basics of solving problems without violence, are not watching these movies but are watching violent thrillers.

Not only are movies excellent promos for the gun lobby but they have also increasingly become indistinguishable from booze commercials. Stephen Colbert, whom I once respected because he called out the spitbrained behaviors of whackbirds of every brand, has lately turned his show into a booze-guzzling commercial.

And Texas is making bounty hunting everyone’s favorite sport. Is there any chance that Mexico would take back Texas, or does Spain get drawn into negotiations on that possibility? After all, there was no Mexico at the time. The U$$$$$ took it from Spain.

The U$$$ is traumatizing itself into such a chaotic state that I don’t believe it will have the capacity to rise back up. See how they are doing it:



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