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Crypto Crap

Trusting a stranger on a street corner with your €€€£££$$$

Vytas Stoskus
2 min readAug 13, 2022


Imagine, you’re walking down a street & run into a guy standing on the corner. He offers to double your money in a week. Just give him €50 now & he’ll be there exactly a week from now with €100 for you. Would you or anyone with one’s wits even halfway intact trust this character?

This is what Crypto Cretins are doing, trusting a guy on the street corner with no credibility, no references, no mutual friends or even acquaintances, or any other way to get tracked down — a Crypto Creep. An IOU note from a friend is worth way more because you know the friend & have some idea that s/he can be trusted to show up next week on the corner with your $100. The friend, in this case, is any “hard” (euphemism for real & trustworthy) currency whether the Euro, the Japanese yen, the U$ dollar, or one of a few others.

But Crypto Crap? You’ve got to have something loose somewhere to get onto that wagon thinking it’s going to take you somewhere other than into the adjacent ditch.

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