“Clean Energy” Fraud — Earth Is Toast:

Vytas Stoskus
3 min readMay 8, 2020

Planet of the Humans (2020) movie asks missed questions, explains missing puzzle pieces

I’ve wondered right from the outset, but now, realizing what a fraud has been perpetrated, I feel especially guilty that I have not been much more vocal in asking the big questions — where do all the raw materials for those enormous windmills & fields of solar collectors with their expensive microchips come from, & where do we get the power for electric cars, & just how long will the windmills & solar collectors last, & what becomes of them when they are retired??? Additionally, I always thought I smelled a rat when I’d see corporate names as sponsors of “clean” or “green” energy projects. WOW! Have we been scammed?!?

The most up-to-the-minute movie on energy production, Planet of the Humans (2020), written, directed, & produced by Jeff Gibbs, executive producer Michael Moore, needs to be viewed by everyone to understand how we have all been hoodwinked by Al Gore, the “conservation” movement heroes of The Sierra Club & the Nature Conservancy, & so many more. It’s available now for free & legal viewing on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk11vI-7czE. Please, please watch it, & as painful as it is to view, watch it to the very end, yes, including through the closing credits. & please pass the link & the importance of understanding what is happening on to every friend & acquaintance you can reach.

How can everyone have overlooked — or ignored — asking such questions? We’ve just substituted one worst-case scenario for another, which is probably worse considering the toxins left behind the mining of the precious metals required for the production of microchips? & all the initial construction that goes into producing something new, especially something as massive as a power plant, has probably cost us more in resources & damage to the environment than if we had continued on with the old ways of generating power. There is no free lunch.

When I see old riverside mills with waterwheels, usually as museums, or old wooden windmills like the ones we see in photos of the tulip fields in Holland, I wonder why such small scale projects are not undertaken more frequently. Must everything be so gargantuan as to set new records with each new effort? I see such grandiose efforts as a result of repressed egos needing validation, & of the whole false belief that bigger is necessarily better.

Please, please, please watch the film yourself & twist everyone else’s arm to watch it too so that there might be some prospects for at least some future for the race & the planet because, as we have begun to realize, the future is no longer what it used to be. The one hanging before us now is not a pretty image. I’m glad to be of an advanced age & know that my time is running out & I will not live to see the worst of it. The younger one is & the healthier one is now, however, the more they should be concerned about assuring a safe future for themselves & their descendants.

If this movie, hand in hand with the current virus pandemic, doesn’t wake humanity up to change what is happening, I don’t believe that anything will.

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