Born in a refugee camp post WW2 to parents fleeing from Lithuania just ahead of Stalin's army, I have always been the outsider, the foreigner, the stranger. Till 18, I did not even have citizenship of any country. Truly an outsider.

Always being the "other" has given me a different perspective about life & everything in it. The unique perspective is often not in line with expected norms, & for that, I am tremendously grateful. To be "normal" in today's world would require me to be crazy. Yes, I'm crazy, but not in the way the general (m)asses of people tend to be. I'm "crazy" in that I don't buy the horseshit that everyone else believes in, like the foundational myths of Western Civilization, which I see as tremendously flawed & going over a cliff. I am standing aside & cheering as it goes over the edge.

The foundational myths? Religion, nationalism & patriotism, democracy, capitalism, competition, schooling, the family, monogamy = all BS & at the heart of why the U$$$$$ is folding up shop & going on a suicidal rampage which, unfortunately, will reverberate around the globe because too many for too long have looked at the U$$$$ as El Dorado.

The world is now paying the price for following the U$$$$'s manipulative & aggressively violent lead. Nature's vehement unacceptance of its climate collapsing is being placed on the heads of all the dummies that persist in going along with all the idiocies like owning individual cars, ignoring mass transit or walking anywhere, using plastic as though it were water, using water as if it were air, & assuming air would infinitely clean itself.