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Ask anyone if they prefer seeing “7837” in their reading material or one that tediously spells it out “seven thousand eight hundred thirty-seven”. 36 letters, a hyphen, & 4 spaces: that’s 41 units versus the 4 that “7837” requires. A 10–1 ratio! Come on editors! …

Violence is off the charts as booze washes away the brains

What can be expected? Violence is so pandemic in the movies, video games, and news stories that reality has mixed with fantasy & desensitization to violence has developed in easily influenced youth. Not the intellectuals nor the talented debaters nor the writers on the school papers are the heroes, but…

Mark, it sounds like you've become too dependent on technology, scheduling, meditation, & other BS. Just listen to your body--when you feel tired, go to sleep. Taking a long weekend or even a week or 2 vacation to launch into this non-routine way of living might work rather than all the fretting & strategizing. Just listen to your body!

Vytas Stoskus

Psychologist, psychotherapist (Worldwide thru Skype), conflict mediator; organizational, creative thinking, & unschooling consultant; Heretic.

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